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How to Prepare for Competitive Exams in Effective way

Here are some effective and important tips for how to prepare for competitive exams and relaxation techniques.


Prepare for competitive exams:-

1. Manage your time wisely: Everyone in this universe have equal time. Time management plays very important role in success of a person. • First of all review your daily and weekly activities to see what is your necessity and what can be dropped. • Make your study plan. You should know what to study, how to study and what not to study. • Make a time table, in which you have time for every subject of your course as well as time for refreshment and other daily activities. • Set realistic and short/long goals for completion of topics/chapters/books. When you achieve your target, you will feel happiness and it will boost your confidence. • Some subjects need comparatively more concentration. Assign them the time in which you are more active and alert like in morning you are more fresh. • You may allocate the last hours to the subjects which are easy and need less concentration because you may be exhausted and feel sleepy in last hours. • Leave plenty of time to revise so that you don’t have to avoid last minute cramming. • According to turn off your cell phones, try to limit surfing the web while you are studying unless needed for what you are studying. Avoid any distractions that may shift your focus from what you are studying.

2. Get into study mode and planned for study: • Fix the study place and time for everyday. This will be helpful for concentration. Before start study, repeat two, three times in mind that it is the time for study and now I am going to start study. • Always study on a comfortable chair and sit in straight position. Avoid to study in recumbent position. • The secret to success is to start studying as soon as you planned for appearing in an exam, so you do not fall behind. • Candidates should check carefully the exam pattern and syllabus and level of questions before appearing in the final examination. • Whatever you have learned, revise the same within 24 hours, after seven days and again after one month for best memorization. According to online homework helper your study will be memories for a long time. • Make short notes during study and go through your notes before your examination. It will save your time and energy. • It is always beneficial to practice mock tests of previous years/sample papers before your final exam to get familiar with final examination.

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